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[SOLUCIONADO] Is Fiber to the Home worth it?

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Hello everyone ,,

Post title says it all. Here's the background ...

I'm an average user who games, streams music, TV, and movies. I like a fast connection when I use it, but don't work from home or anything like that.

Currently, I have WOW's 500 Mbps cable Internet for $ 59.99 / month and my 2-year promo runs out in a week. My price without the promo will be $ 69.99.

AT&T ran fiber in my neighborhood last fall and has a promo on their 1 Gbps fiber to the house service for $ 60 / month for 12 months with a 2-year agreement. After 12 months, the price will be $ 80 / month.

WOW offer 1 Gbps cable Internet for $ 65 for new subscribers, or $ 95 without promos.

Should I switch to AT&T fiber or try and negotiate with WOW for another promo?

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Re: Is Fiber to the Home worth it?

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Hello, Jinesh.


You are talking about providers that (at the best of our knowledge) are not available in Spain and prices in dollars, so I guess that this message was posted by mistake.


Anyway, we can only recommend you our own services. Kindly check our Fibre rates here:



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