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Attempting to transfer data from 9900 to key2

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Hey there.

My father used his BB Bold for close to 13 years and now he finally needs to move to a newer one, and let me tell you - we have a multitude of problems and I'm close to killing a kitten.

We want to download Blackberry Transfer from Blackberry World onto the 9900, but when we reach the point in which you have to confirm your BBID account, Blackberry World simply says it was "unable to connect" when given the right password. When given a wrong one it clearly marks it as one of 10 attempts failed... so it does communicate with the server, it just doesn't want to let us through without giving even a hint of a reason.I love that.

Also – I have no idea what software to use to connect either/both BBs to our computers, as the last MacOS software to be downloaded from BB's official site is from 2013, so it obviously will not work.

I have a couple of questions here:

  1. What could be the reason for BBID simply failing? Can this be remedied?

  2. What is the current MacOS software to communicate with Blackberries?

  3. Ar there any other transfer options outside Blackberry Transfer software?

  4. Is it possible to move all contacts from the old BB to the sim card and have them work on the new BB?


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Re: Attempting to transfer data from 9900 to key2

Hello, @Rodriguez


Sadly, we no longer support these old BlackBerry devices and services. We keep the thread open and hope that some of our users can help you, but we don't keep the tools and information that allowed us to give that support a few years ago.



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