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For Huawei p9 Android nougat

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Hi, a couple of weeks ago I bought a Huawei P9 and in principle I should be able to update Android nougat since the free P9s were updated 6 months ago. I do not know the reason why I can not update it but as I have seen in some forum depends on Amena or Orange and my question is because after 6 months I still can not update my mobile? And another question, if I just paid my cell phone would it remain as totally free from the factory? Thank you
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Re: For Huawei p9 Android nougat

Hello, @Nigan.


Software updates need to pass some tests before they are sent to the clients. We need to check the compatibility with all our services. Once done this, you'll see a notification in the same device.


And yes, all the phones we sell are free, and it'll continue like that once paid.



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